Sunday, October 28, 2007

Some recent highlights.

As promised, a few more pictures:
Win, Me and Mark in Flagstaff.
Crocket and Helen get down to studying some chemistry.
Dinner in the Airstream with Mac and Danielle.
Danielle shows off her belly.
Paul on his moto at Win and Mark's place.

It is October 28, 2007. This time of year Oakridge is often soggy and gray, but this week has been a nice departure from that type of weather. The sun continues to shine, burning away the early morning fog that forms behind our shop, down on the river. Its slow in the shop, so I am vacuuming, and tuning rentals and used bikes. Mac and his family painted the shop while I was away, I'll take a picture today and post it later. The shop is well stocked for winter, and more dialed in than ever before.

Keep on shredding.


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