Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Almost Spring Break

The Seattle expo ended up on a positive note as Celia and I enjoyed a couple of beers over a good dinner at Mc Menamins pub in Troutdale on Sunday evening.

We both agreed that we had met a lot of interesting and interested people at the expo and felt that we had generated a lot of interest in Wild Heart Cycling at the event. It was fun traveling with Celia as she always likes to have a good time, and we hadn't caught up in many months.

I'm looking forward to some good tours this summer, and I'm hopeful for a busy season with Wild Heart.

I took some great pictures of the BMX demo on Sunday which I will post soon.

Natty and I are both trying to end our semesters on a positive note. Natty has a lot of writing to do in the next few days for her graduate level literature classes, and I know she is going to be working on it all the time. I hope she can keep from getting too stressed out.

I'm struggling to keep up with my Spanish class, but I am enjoying it none the less. I also took Newswriting and WebDesign which both went well and I feel good about. I built a website, and I hope to post it to the web soon.

First ride of the year out in Oakridge today. Shuman and I rode Larison Creek, it was beautiful as always. It is one of the only trails that is always plenty technical for me, and right now it is so screwed up that I almost want to make it easier in places.. But I love it for the challenge, and being forced to get off to walk is what makes mountain biking different and challenging for me.


  1. Call me ... Mirfak.
    I've known Eugene for 25+ years, on this
    particular voyage. Met him on the coast
    of Mauna Kea, on March 6, '82, where I
    cut him away from the beautiful EarthGirl
    who had done such a fine job of building him,
    and watched him open his new blue eyes
    for the 1st time, and take his 1st deep breath
    of clear Pacific blue-Earth sky.
    ~ Ad astra.

  2. miss you guys......say HI to shuman and all those cats up there.........

  3. escribe mas commentarios Y tomar mas photographicos para sus amigos y amigas! estoy esprarando, garro.

  4. what has been going on? I keep checking your blog and nothing new.......

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