Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer is on!

Another long stretch without posting.. As usual that means I've been busy!

Justine and I are still together, and enjoying each other's company. We took a great road trip to Arizona earlier this year, passing through Death Valley and Bootleg Canyon along the way. While there Justine met Win and Mark, and we had a bunch of good adventures together.

Summer has been a blur of friends passing through town, good rides all around Oregon, and lots of work for both of us. Justine found work as a Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) supervisor. She leads an invasive species removal crew, and leads teens all around the area doing just that. I've been at the Mercantile about 40 hours per week. Repairs, keeping it looking sharp, and helping the passers by find good adventures fill my days with smiles and lots to do.

I'm also in the process of putting together a mountain bike race, the FAT55. It is a sampler of many of Oakridges best trails. Starting in Uptown Oakridge it heads up into the hills around town, making a big 55 + mile loop on six of our best local trails before finishing in Greenwaters park. Check out the website @ to see the course map and learn more about the race.

Thanks for keeping tabs on me. I'll try to post more frequently as the fall season comes around.


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