Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Desert Rat Life

Life in the desert. Color is vivid, life a standout against the backdrop of rock and sand, wind and expansive openness. I've been reading Desert Solitare, Ed Abbey's book about living in Arches National Monument in the late 60's. A season in the wilderness. For me it is a season in the city; lattes, burritos, wi fi, and mountain bikes, juxtaposed with the harsh environment here and the reality of living out of a vehicle and a bike shop.

It's a fun life, although challenging to make the personal space necessary to write a good blog entry, or dig deeply into old Ed's book, as the wind is often blowing, and I'm often finding myself heading out to camp just as the sun tips over the horizon.

The pics I'm posting today are a mix of traveling here with Ben through Death Valley and the inexplicable Racetrack, where the rocks move about helter skelter on their own, and a couple of the desert life here. Red flowers against the harsh dry rock, and a beautiful desert camp with the good folks of Magpie Adventures as we rode the White Rim in Canyonlands National Park.

I'm off to meet up with Hanka, Bowman, and Troy, for what is sure to be a great ride out exploring the endless sandstone near Gold Bar Rim.

Cheers from the Love Muffin Cafe. 'Till next time.


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  1. nice indian paint brush flowers....I love the desert....the dryness on the skin, the blue skies, the rocks, the life that comes out after a rain.....I wish you were riding with me tomorrow....I am sooo excited to ride in the am....good night....D