Friday, January 30, 2009

Finding the Line

My dad, Skip Cathcart, aka Jack Mirfak, died the day after my last blog post. A month and a half later I sit in a little brewpub in Oakridge, Oregon listening to a singer sing "... down the road."

His life changed me. His death changed me. Yet here I am, still me, still following my thread.

Nearly a year has passed since I wrote of my thread from a distant place, in this life. In that time I'm not clear that I've really figured out where my thread leads, no I'm following my thread. But, I've had some clarity about what my thread is made of: friends, honesty, bikes, photography, exploration, curiosity.

It seems that more questions arise, and few questions are answered as this life moves ever onward. My dad once said, "the bigger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of mystery." I think it is someone else's quote, but relevant to us all.

I've been in the usual routine again since Dad died. Go to work, go home, think of stuff to do, think of places to go, think of people to see. But do any of these things get us any farther down the line? Do they answer any of the questions that go unspoken?

Where am I?
How did I get here?
What does it mean when I say the word I?
Is there a purpose to my life?
Is there any way for me to answer these questions?

These are questions my dad asked, and kept asking, until he moved on. Maybe he found some answers to these questions where he went, maybe he is still asking them where he is now.

I'm grateful for my life every day, and for each and every friend I have.

I'm moving on towards another adventure this spring; a trip to Moab to work at the Poison Spider Bike Shop. I'll be there from mid March until late May. I'm looking forward to all of the newness of adventure, to the smells and sights of the Southwest, and to all to the unknowns out there.

See you on the road.

Ad Astra..


  1. Eug,

    Mirfak gave you so many precious things. Now he's gone with his torii, and you can go the path of self inquiry."Who Am I?"

    There are several ways to know yourself, and I hope you just keep asking.



  2. Aki-

    I have read your comment many times now. Just read it. Though about it and gone on my way.

    I'm on that path, always learning, always asking, always becoming more Me.

    I don't think we ever really know who we are in these lives, and maybe that's the point; if there is no question, there is no journey.

  3. That true, Eug!

    My master said "keep wax on wax off just like pushing your pedals".

    We need to use BOTH hands (or feet), and I know there is no meaningless thing.

    Hope every thing is good for you,

    your bro Aki

  4. I will be in Moab in April the 15th for 3 or so days to see my sister and family lets go biking. I am not sure if steve is going the last I heard he was not. can't wait to see ya....D

  5. Hey Eug. How 'bout "Finding the Time" for a blog update? ;)

  6. Eugene!

    thanks for visiting our home and life in Reno! i was fired up to share meals (mega skillet breakfasts, sushi, brews galore!), urban shredding madness, the laboratory where i work and to rock tons of wayne the train, tom waits, and deviant twang. Francisco the neighbor ace mechanic says HI! we hope you all have traveled many dirt roads with lots of great tunes in a well seasoned pickup and influenced lotsa nice folk.

    see you in the mountains,

    ps- HEY to Ben! i received the map and "Full Circle" paperback...

    may the road rise to meet you