Saturday, December 6, 2008

A few pictures representative of what I'm thinking about and feeling today.

Top to bottom:

We Can Handle It boxcar-my dad's favorite.
Tracks ahead- the road goes ever onward.
Friends and music-make life worth living.
Turns ahead-maybe this was a premonition.

My dad and I are at the hospital. He became too weak to care for himself at home a few days ago. We felt we had no options left but to call for an ambulance and head into town to find medical assistance. The doctors found cancer in his lungs, his liver, his spleen, his lymph nodes, his adrenal glands. He has melanoma. It is untreatable at this stage.

The question of time comes to mind. How much of it does he have? That's what people usually ask in these circumstances. But none of us know. Not for him, not for ourselves. We don't know if we'll live to see 90, or die on the way to work tomorrow. Seems to me the question of importance isn't how much time we have, but rather, what can we do with our time here?

That question of course can't be answered unless a person first considers what they believe the purpose of life to be. I can't say that I'm too sure there is one purpose that is right for me.

I believe that the world contains everything from heaven to hell. I believe those concepts aren't vague and abstract ideas to be realized after we die, but instead realities here on Earth, and by inhabiting the Earth as sentient beings capable of free thinking and action we have the ability to influence our surroundings. I for one enjoy the heavenly aspects of this Earth and have yet to find a higher calling than to try to further the beautiful, the loving, the compassionate, the free and the awesomeness that I find here.

I hope my dad's last days of this life are filled with love, compassion, and the knowledge that he has helped to bring about positive change in this world by being a caring, honest, and compassionate person who values beauty and freedom, love and truth.

Think about my dad-Jack Mirfak, and send him thoughts of love and strength, positivity and courage.

And while there aren't too many signs on the road of life telling you just what the curves in the road are going to look like, you can know that there will be many, and you will be more prepared to handle them if you keep yourself strong and healthy, and avoid the traps of addiction. My dad and I want you to know; it is worth the sacrifice now to avoid the agony later.



  1. you hang in there, euge. just thinkin' about ya, steve & denise.

  2. Eug, I am so very sorry to hear about your dad. But your thoughts and words are Poignant, and a beautiful tribute to your dad. I have the same hopes for his last days as you, we will be thinking of you both.

    Mark and I had a wonderful time seeing you and Scott. Hopefully, it will be longer next time. You are always welcome here.

    Shredder McD

  3. Eug - dude, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I'll be thinking about you, and him. If you need anything let me know. Love you!