Sunday, June 1, 2008

Thrivin' in the Northwest

Wow, I can't believe it is almost two months since my last post! What happened? Where did I go?

Well, after our excellent mountain bike vacation in Moab I returned to Oakridge. I've been here or near here since then. Living in the Airstream, riding mountain bikes and telemark skiing in the beautiful forests and mountains near Oakridge, riding the road bike (to Bend one weekend), going to see Spearhead and Michael Franti in Eugene, and keeping the Mountain Mercantile going on the days I'm in the shop. But most importantly, I've been doing all of these things with wonderful people, my community.

Sorry I've been letting things get stale here. I probably look at the blog more frequently than anyone (it is my home page). I just haven't been motivated to write, to post my photos.
But, thanks to the Empress, the Polywog, the Garros, Mirfak, the Zen Tea Poet, Bearbait, WinTrees and all others who have given me a push recently, I have been encouraged to keep going, to follow my thread ever onward, and to keep you all posted about what it is that I'm up to.

Although I haven't been posting, I have been thinking, taking pictures, and thriving in a non bloggin' way, and there are plenty of interesting pictures to post and subjects to write on.

For today I'm going to keep it short, post a few pictures of the recent weeks, and be glad to have some fresh content up.

Thanks for encouraging me, its good to be back.

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