Thursday, March 13, 2008

New York City

From the perspective of a passenger on a 500 mile per hour airplane, this spherical planet called Earth is pretty small..

Only 16 hours after boarding a plane in near the southern 45th parallel , I am had landed in New York City, near the 45th parallel in the northern hemisphere. A 90 degree shift across the planetary sphere in only about 12 hours of total air time.

Stories aside, and rhetoric left for another day, I am posting just to post. To tell the world that I am back in the US. I am excited to tell my story, to post some pictures, to do all the stuff that is expected, and that I have been looking forward to.

For tonight that means posting this post, and spending some much anticipated time with my friend.

Cheers to being back in the U.S., and glad I got away for a while.

Leave when you can, but never forget what you have here.


  1. Smilin' Jack ( & Co. )March 14, 2008 at 2:38 AM

    Roger that!, and wilco!, Pard.
    And a Mighty 'Welcome Back!'
    So far.


    Good yob!, Yahn!

    Me, too!

    Me, too!

    There is a Joyful! Welcome! for you,

  2. Smilin' Jack
    Thanks for the warm welcome home. It is good to be "back" in many ways, however much of me wishes to still be a wanderin' on the road.

    I'm going to do some writing of my own this morning, I'll post a bit more of my story and thoughts on the blog later.

  3. ---
    Clickety-clack, clickety-clack,
    the wheels are singin' to the railroad track ...
    if ya go-o-o ... you can't ... come ... back ...

    ~ ancient railroad chanty
    Uh ... say ... Kid. You got a minute?

    (And, um, by the way, do these good people
    know, do you think, that it is You who are
    in fact the legendary Kid Yonder, of The Ages?
    Of song and fable? Partly truth and partly
    fiction? I suppose some of 'em are probably
    pretty close to figuring that out by now, eh?)

    Just thought I might remind you of those lines
    up at the top there. I know you know. You've
    done it before. A few times. The idea being
    that the man who shoved off from here in the
    midnight snow just doesn't exist anymore ...
    To come back. Still the same You in there
    somewhere, same soul, same essence, but as
    different a creature now as a butterfly is from
    a caterpillar. ... May take some getting used
    to. Both by you yourself and all concerned.

    Ad astra. ... We proceeded on. ...

    And The Return is really a next phase of the
    same Outbound Voyage. Another town ...
    another day ... beyond, say, Puerto Montt.

    Look forward to seeing your outfit on the
    horizon !


  4. ---
    pretty quiet here on Eug's Blog ...
    for quite a while now ...
    wouldn't you say ?

    sure does seem to be.
    on This version of it, anyways ...

  5. Hey Euge,

    Pretty crazy transition to make in 16 hours, huh? The question is, what has seemed more foreign to you, the mountain highlands of Chile or the concrete jungle of NYC? It almost seems a bit early for a "welcome home" as downtown NY is probably just as crazy and weird a place as Santiago, though I am sure the two are different in many ways. But they sure are not Oakridge.

    I just took my two finals, one in math and the other in nutrition. The quarter has been stressfull but I have definitely learned some neat stuff. And I found some really good mountain biking to do IN EUGENE, the problem is that you can't really do it during the day. You will have to come down and check it out sometime.

    Keep living it up! I am totally stoked to hear more stories and see your pictures when you get back to Oregon.

    Take Care,

  6. ---
    Yo Eugene ~

    Just thought I'd add my 2-cents worth, too,
    to let you know that here's another one
    who's been looking forward to new entries
    in ' Eug's Blog ', when you can. It's great fun
    to read and to learn about. And pretty soon,
    more to look at, too. It's an inspiration.

    " A stimulation of the mind
    or emotions
    to a higher level of feeling
    or activity. "

    Until the next entry, then, I'll just re-read
    what you've already written, and re-check-out
    the photographs that are already here.

    And keep. My comments. Short.

    Jack / &c