Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sedona del Sur

I´ve made it to Pucon, a little town I call the Sedona of the South. If you have been to Sedona recently you can picture the beautiful rocks, blue sky, hot summer days, and lots and lots of consumeristic touristas wandering the streets buying everything from jeep tours to wedding gowns. Well similarly here in Pucon, everyone comes for the natural beauty of the place, but immediatly forgets that when they arrive, and spends all of their time in little shops and ice cream parlours.

Anyhow, I'm gearing up for a few days in the mountains around town here, beginning tomorrow morning.

Since my last entry I´ve "hacer dedo" hitch hiked down the Panamerican Highway with a fearless 69 year old lady named Judy, from Philadelphia, bussed along a busy stretch of highway leaving Santiago, taken another bus from Chillan to Pucon, had two long conversations using only Spanish, walked way too far around Pucon with a backpack that is way too big for walking far, tent camped outside the hostel where I am at now (due to the over full rooms last night), eaten cazuala (good Chilean food-rice, chicken, veggie stew), and sushi (Sedona of the South I say), missed a bus, caught a better bus, met a beautiful girl on the better bus, said goodbye to her, marveled at the smoking volcano out my window here, and recieved a few good e-mails from you out there.

Just a short entry for now, as I don´t want to be one of those people spending all my time inside when I came here to be outside. Sorry there are no pictures-the computers here aren´t quite as up to date as in the good 'ol Estados Unidos.

More later. I´ll be out backpacking until Thursday afternoon.


  1. steve and I loved Pucon....but we really enjoyed the Regolil valley. it was like entering another primative time. amazing by bike. all back dirt roads. glad you are having a great trip......

  2. Great! to find this new log entry, eug?-san,
    and to read your writing about your being
    out on the road in the sun and the wind,
    & on down to Pucon.

    And, too, there is much less disturbance
    in The Force now, now that gringo-boy from
    the Oregon bike woods, with his world-class
    boots on his feet and his pocketful of U.S.
    cash, is safely away from Santiago de Chile,
    and the money-changers, &c. Good move.
    Too damned many sharks in those waters.
    And just because you can't see it,
    doesn't mean it isn't there.

    "Yeah, no?" as Don Juan used to say
    to Casteneda.


    If Chile is 2 hours ahead of Eastern,
    that's 5 ahead of here, so it's 7am there
    as I write this, and August 4th, South-
    Latitude-Sun-wise, so the Sun's been
    up awhile, & I imagine you're
    up and about, and the coffee smells good,
    and the bacon and eggs and hominy grits
    are cooking up and smell good, too,
    and you might be thinking that ... well ...
    hmm ... all right ! ... here you are ...
    after all ... dream come true ... Solo Man ...
    here ... all around me ... this is
    the continent of South America ... Chile ...
    and a long damned ways ...
    from ... ... Everything.

    Or maybe they don't sell hominy grits
    down there ...

  3. So how's the temperature range down there? And what's the exchange rate feel like? Is food expensive? And what fruits are in season now?

    We sure miss you.

    Huck is huge.

    As for Oakridge, that massive land slide on the UP line is keeping the hotels full and the bike shop empty of gloves, boots, long johns, foot warmers and socks. There's 4 feet of snow on top of the slide and they will still be clearing the mess when you get back.

    Oh, and E-normous is working at the shop a couple days a week. We'll see how it goes and maybe he will stick around! It's been great.

    Thanks for posting!

    The Bowermans

  4. Eugenio,

    Your writing show me the fact how precious to travel as a "extrano". It's really the hardest part of the big city and I 'm glad that you go thru with good experiences. Some bited, and some chewed up (like these shark Dad-san said), but they looked like kissing me when I was in Shanghai in late 80's.

    Keep on walking (and bloging if possible),


  5. Hi Eugene!

    We miss you! Love to hear about your travels and adventures. Have fun and be safe,

    Mark and Shelley

  6. Eugene! Good to hear you're having a good time! I was down to Oakridge last weekend to ski the snow you missed. Danielle told me about your blog and I got to see Huck! Got to chat with your replacement too! Mac was busy selling road bikes in the middle of the winter. I'll keep checking back to read about all your wild adventures. Watch out for those older women! Have a cold cervasa for me. Mike Adamson

  7. Ugene, I happened on your blog through Denise's blog. I didn't even know you were traveling in a place I've always wanted to see. Your adventure sounds fabulous! Talked with the Vulture the other day - Mark's new bike arrived. Also, wanted to tell him a there's a micro shredder on the way. We won't be seeing you this Cream Puff due to the timing, so hopefully we can all get together some other time. Safe travels - live large!